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About Carers Arm Support (CAS)

Healthcare Staffing Solutions Provider.

Carers Arm Support (CAS) is a national provider of staffing services, and in-house companionship support to our clients. Managed by ex-healthcare workers with over 30 years experience working at the front-line of the health and social care industry; CAS is better placed in helping match experienced and talented candidates looking for their next challenge, with healthcare organisations and local authorities looking to fill staffing gaps.

Here at CAS, we pride ourselves in providing professional, experienced, compassionate and fully vetted health and social care workers to help support Healthcare organisations, big and small, with their service continuity strategies. Thus ensuring there is always the right staffing levels to deliver quality care and better outcomes for service users and patients.

It all began in 2020 when Covid-19 brought to light the need for highly motivated and enthusiastic healthcare professionals who had a passion for caring for people. To meet the shortage of healthcare professionals within the health and social care industry, Linda Gaisie and Mercy Mills started Carers Arm Support (CAS) in 2022 to help care homes, local authorities and hospitals with their staffing challenges. With over 100 healthcare professionals, CAS has had 1000s of hours of placement with its clients Nationwide, and still growing.

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Search and apply for the right role that allows you to grow and develop with Carers Arm Support Ltd. Our roles within the healthcare industry that are rewarding and allows you to grow and progress in your career.

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Candidates that are placed by Carers Arm Support Ltd are know for their Knowledge, Experience and Professionalism when dealing with healthcare organisations and service users. Ensuring great outcomes for both at all times.


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Award winning technology in matching the right candidate to the right job; ensuring effective delivery of service for our clients and service users.

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CAS is a well connected national care agency connecting healthcare organisations and healthcare professional. Join us today and be part of a great team.

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